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How We Work

The BMG Philosophy

“The BMG philosophy is to work collaboratively and build sustainably to help organizations reach their potential by attracting the right people to serve them at a particular point in time. What started out as a career in social work, focusing on problems, trying to understand how to solve them by bringing people and resources together in a way that was respectful to everyone in the process has been parlayed into a consultancy that helps organizations flourish. “I realized that we need to hone in on the problem with the client and then bring in the right resources to help them, not the other way around,” says David Barnes.

BMG is now expanding its influence with people who believe in this philosophy, the diversity and the values of the firm. “We feel that we bring something different to the table: the expertise and the commitment to work in partnership with one another and our clients, married with a commitment to the greater good. We listen, we partner, we collaborate to explore new ways of framing situations and new ways of doing things,” says David.

Our Approach

BMG’s team of experienced independent consultants choose to work in a creative and collaborative environment with other like-minded professionals. The BMG Core Team, our Associates, our Community of Interest, and our Strategic Partners form an interconnected, responsive network of diverse and experienced consultants. These consultants form customized project teams to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Diversity and Inclusion

BMG is passionate about equity and embraces diversity, inclusion, and respect in all aspects of our work.
We recognize our legal obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and other relevant legislation. We also recognize that systems create barriers to inclusion and equality that must be carefully assessed and dismantled.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is rooted in our philosophy and experience. We have seen systems, organizations, and public policy processes get stronger when they include voices from people who are often marginalized and who are the recipients of public services. This requires leaders to recognize different kinds of expertise, including the experiences of those who receive services, and their loved ones. Humility, respect and hard work are the key ingredients. More importantly it is critical that there needs to be courageous leadership that demonstrates the authentic commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and role models good practice.

We have experience of working with Indigenous communities and have learnt a great deal in working with them. We recognize that reconciliation is a process that requires us to be cognizant of the history and impacts of colonization on Canada’s First Peoples. We commit to working towards truth, justice, forgiveness, healing and reparation. BMG embraces the ten Principles of Reconciliation and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

What Makes Us Unique

It’s not about one model that fits all; it’s about coming together to support and fuel development, innovation and sustainability. At BMG, a core team supports the organization, but the strength is the partners that the organization attracts. Collaboration is a term that is used often, but not always understood. “When we start to think about why this will be successful, we are continually drawn to the feeling of collective impact and societal contribution; we are much more able to effect change if we do it together,” says David.

The potential of this model rests on two things: the people it attracts to work together and the organizations who see the value of this kind of customized expertise. “We imagine ourselves as a think tank, discussing different strategies and working through ideas, so we can be the catalyst for each other and for organizations to think about what service delivery and the organizations themselves will look like in the future,” adds David

How? Very active collaboration on an ongoing basis, combined with retreats and professional development for associates to come together, learning from each other’s experiences and thinking about how to best serve the client. “We have the privilege of sharing our experience, so we are really transferring knowledge to each other,” says David. “We imagine that at times these associate forums will also include the clients we serve. By coming together with leaders in the field who want to enable change, we will strive to think through the challenges that present themselves.”

What’s in it for the client

It’s simple: clients get the wealth of knowledge from whomever is most capable, says David. “We are committed to bringing the depth of experience that our associates represent, so that organizations can benefit in the greatest possible way – it’s not just one associate in a given firm,” says David. “We build around the needs of the client and the project and bring together the associates who are best suited to that project. We have no paid associates, so we are not limited to the people that we have on salary. That is key.”

And BMG believes strongly in transferring knowledge to the client, to make the organization stronger, to flourish. “We believe that when we engage in a project, we bring certain knowledge and support, but we also learn a lot from the client,” says David. “It’s a back-and-forth transfer of knowledge.”

BMG is committed to bringing the depth of experience that our associates represent, so that organizations can benefit in the greatest possible way. Associate teams are built around the needs of the client and the project and bring together those who are best suited to that project.

This BMG model creates opportunities and growth by connecting like-minded consultants, businesses, and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively, sharing ideas and information., experience and expertise.

BMG consultants are committed to the value of social responsibility and choose to grow their individual consulting practices in an environment that will respect their autonomy while benefitting from the supports and synergies of working with the others who share similar values and ideas.

BMG believe that when we engage in a project, we bring certain knowledge and support, but we also learn from our clients. This transfer of knowledge benefits all and builds stronger organizations and networks.