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Our Story

The Barnes Management Group (BMG) vision didn’t just happen. In fact, it’s supported by a collaborative approach that began taking shape when David Barnes, founder, started as a social worker in a career that has spanned 25 years working in child welfare. David says “I worked with organizations that needed to support child welfare, and I always started with one question: How can I make the lives of children – and their families – better?”

David put his beliefs into action in 2006 creating BMG, a full-service consulting company, focused on working with the human services sector, Indigenous organizations, and the public sector.

Like-hearted people, people who share the same values, people who are able to work collaboratively in a structure that values everyone’s expertise is the cornerstone of BMG. “I search out people who share these values and can work together,” says David. The business model continues to evolve, with BMG as the catalyst, bringing people and organizations together to build partnerships and find innovative ways to improve outcomes and find efficiencies. In addition, BMG puts the emphasis on relationships to work with organizations to find solutions that work for them.