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The Courage to Cope!


“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.”

            ~ Maya Angelou

“Hard times, when held with open hands and a tender heart, can prepare us for the future.”

            ~ Cindee Snider Re

“It’s funny how, when things seem the darkest, moments of beauty present themselves in the most unexpected places.”

            ~ Karen Marie Moning

“You have no control of uncertainties! You can only control your life and your reaction to any event. May you find grace for patient endurance.”

            ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

If you have spent the better part of the last few weeks feeling like you’ve hit a wall … you are not alone! Even the hardiest of humans can struggle to cope when such uncertainty surrounds us all. Do you feel that the stress and worry are overwhelming? Have you experienced a sudden loss of energy? Do you feel a sudden departure from your normal self? Do you feel stuck in the middle of a crisis! Do you see weariness all around? I’ve had to stop and simply breathe. I’ve had to force myself to not give up and not to lose hope.

This is a defining time when we need to be present and depend on our self-awareness. Who we are has not changed. And how we respond is about finding our own way to cope. Resilience will forge the future path, a newer and better path. Individual inner strengths will collectively build a different place. The courage to be grateful for what is and to hope for what will be is ‘the walls’ greatest enemy.

Written by:  Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Image Copyright:  rumandawi, www.123rf.com

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