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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partnerships with other consulting organizations enable BMG to offer additional expert support to clients requiring niche knowledge and specialization. Our strategic partners include:

Morning Sky Consulting Inc.

Morning Sky Consulting Inc. is an Aboriginal-owned specialized management consulting firm that provides expertise in the areas of change management, strategic development, risk management and operation management. Led by David Abbott, the focus of Morning Sky is to build capacity in Aboriginal communities and organizations. This consultancy also works to maintain the highest possible ethical standards and incorporates traditional and cultural methodologies inspired by the Medicine Wheel.


For over 30 years, HealthStats Inc. has provided high-quality planning, research, evaluation and analytical services to clients in the Canadian health care and social services sectors. We work collaboratively with HealthStats to tackle complex multi-dimensional problems that require multi-disciplinary responses. Similar to our own organization, HealthStats believes in strong public sector supports and challenges the popular misconception that these are inherently unsustainable. The well-being of a community is intrinsically connected to the participation of its residents.

Return on Energy

Return on Energy helps clients to access their unlimited positive human energy to create a thriving culture, nurtured by a healthy working climate wherein people flourish, and organizations grow and prosper in productive, measurable and practical ways. Maureen McKenna, the President of Return on Energy, is one of Canada’s leading experts on Appreciate Enquiry.

Infobase solutions

InfoBase is a premier provider of IT consulting services that aims to offer a client-focused experience through building partnerships and developing new and custom solutions for clients’ unique needs and situations. InfoBase works to empower organizations and deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

G52 Municipal Services

G52 is focused on helping municipal governments be successful through their help with grants and grant writing, as well as through their advocacy services and other resources. In addition, G52 employs a diverse group of credible and experienced professionals who address work with communities to address their needs and propose solutions.

Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA)

CANCEA’s interdisciplinary researchers and analysts aid policy formulation and decision- making by providing objective and evidence-based data to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative understanding of a client’s possible risks and returns, both in the near and distant future.

Mussio La Grassa

Mussio La Grassa (MLG) offers training, consulting and strategic guidance to professionals in the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors. MLG specializes in the services such as management, leadership, communications and ethics. Above all, this firm believes in listening to their clientele to make continuous improvements and ensure constant progress.

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