Non-profit Sector

Our experts in Child Welfare, Children’s Services, as well as Community, Social and other human services, extend to clients their considerable knowledge gained through years of experience working with non-profit and community organizations. Our engaging, collaborative and community-based approach assists our clients by providing access to innovative approaches and solutions for managing their organizations and services.

BMG Indigenous Services

We support the growth and development of Indigenous communities on their own terms and through the lens of their own unique circumstance, knowledge and worldviews. Our approach comes with an understanding of the historical and social contexts resulting from colonization and on-going systemic racism impacting individuals families and communities. For a more full description of all of BMG’s Indigenous services, visit

Public Sector

BMG’s ability to assist government clients reach their objectives is strengthened by our consultants’ own experience leading and managing key government projects and initiatives. We have successfully helped clients navigate government applications to secure provincial and federal funding under partnership programs such as the Building Canada Fund, Green Infrastructure Fund, Rural Connections, Canada 150 Community Infrastructure, the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Initiative programs, Social Housing Capital Repair Program, and the Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Investment Fund among others.

Our approach to developing grant proposals ensures maximum access to funding opportunities and compliance with performance and reporting requirements. Many of BMG’s Leadership Team members have served as managers who were directly responsible for designing public programs and selection proposals for evaluation, which has helped them develop a keen eye for strong and enticing proposals. We address a proposal’s overall strategy, perceived outcome and impacts while ensuring that it is communicated in a clear and targeted fashion. Our public-sector related services ensure that our clients are able to build their capacity to obtain useful insights and resources for planning future partnerships and financial arrangements with both provincial and federal governments.