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Barnes Management Group Welcomes Graduate Placement Students


Barnes Management Group (BMG) will now be welcoming graduate-level students on placement.

With a view to always expanding its resources, and by taking on placement students, BMG will have access to high-level skills of individuals whose knowledge and interests are relevant to our business, will add value with new ideas and talent, and will develop new partnerships with access to Universities.

David Barnes, founder and President of BMG, recently commented, “Providing graduate placement students with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge by completing their placement with us, not only enhances their experience but allows BMG to provide a greater depth and breadth in its practice. We very much appreciate the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm the students bring to their placement with us.”

Benefits to the placement students include the development of new competencies, increased knowledge, and gaining specific skills and experience for future employability. Students also benefit by networking with professionals from various fields with different areas of expertise, by participating in developing submissions in response to Requests For Proposals and by participating in high-level presentations.

Marion Roberts, a consultant and member of the BMG Management Team, has been working on developing the BMG Graduate Placement Student program. Recently, Marion commented, “There are four areas BMG can offer to graduate students on placement including Policy Development, Best Practice, Innovation Research, and Indigenous Policy / Best Practice and Innovation Research. BMG will also entertain proposals from students in other areas of interest, which would be of benefit. Students can be engaged in research or participate in proposal development and projects.”

Interviews for graduate placement students will be conducted by David Barnes and a member of the Leadership team who will be providing the supervision. Selected students will be offered a placement in one of the areas listed above. Ideally, students would be selected based on the mutual interests of the student and the organization.

BMG looks forward to introducing you to our group of graduate placement students when all interviews are completed shortly.

For more information about the Graduate Student Placement program at BMG, please contact:
David Barnes at [email protected] or Marion Roberts at [email protected]

Story Contributor: Fernando Tomas Saldanha
Managing Director, Barnes Management Group.

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