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Barney Savage

Policy Development and Insight

Barney derives meaning from work well done, with colleagues he respects, that serves a purpose that is greater than any individual.

The essence of the work Barney does is gathering information, conducting analysis, organizing it in a coherent and useful manner, and deploying it to improve organizations, public policy, and services for those with the greatest needs.

This work encompasses empirical research, facts, the experiences of those most affected, and the assertions and opinions of all stakeholders. Barney believes that solutions always come from some combination of those inputs.

Barney believes that group processes don’t always result in a stronger product. But when they do, it is magic. When he worked in government, for example, Barney and colleagues spent months working to identify the core services for community-based child and youth mental health that should be available in all communities. It involved hundreds of conversations – with service providers, young people, parents, colleagues in government, and others. The group ended up with a much better product than they had at the beginning of the process.

Barney is described as a good listener. He has learned that listening well is a bigger challenge than it seems.