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Bill Croson

Health Care Expert

Over the course of his working life, Bill has observed that what gives meaning to the work he does has changed. And this seems appropriate to Bill, as he has changed over the course of his working life.

What has remained consistent to Bill, is the desire to be useful and of value in helping to make people’s lives better.

Early on in his career, Bill had a strong motivation to establish his place in the world, focusing on self. Now, Bill feels strongly motivated by what he can do to help people live fuller, healthier lives.

Bill has worked in the health care sector all of his working life. This has been primarily centred around the hospital system, an easily identifiable icon of health care. But it’s only in the last few years that Bill has come to think about health and wellness being a broader concept, well before encountering the services of a hospital and well after that experience too.

Currently, Bill’s motivation is to see the connections that exist between the circumstances in which we live and how they impact our lives. These are typically referred to as the social determinants of health, and include factors such as environment, housing, food, clothing, education and social supports. These all impact how we live and how well we live.

Bill’s personal mission now is to work to help people live well, stay healthier longer and to experience periods of unwellness in a gentler way. He wants to remain flexible to changing needs and priorities, and be able to respond effectively.