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In The Mist!


“Mist in the morning is Earth’s morning breath.”

            ~ Nanette L. Avery


“The mountain veiled in mist is not a hill; an oak tree in the rain is not a weeping willow.”

            ~ Khalil Gibran


“Joys come from simple natural things, mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water.”

            ~ Sigurd F. Olsen


“Don’t be afraid to go into the mist.”

            ~ Sophie Madden


In the mist of a rainy spring day, it’s not easy to see clearly!  It can be the best kind of day to hide and draw inward and imagine what is possible beyond the mist.  Like the mist, life does present challenges.  You can lose your way in the mist, and you can lose your way in life!  However, it is important to remember that the mist will always clear!  And it’s okay if you get lost from time to time!

We must practice self-awareness and patience to discover ourselves as we push past the challenges of life and to trust that the mist will always lift.  When the mist lifts there will always be a path to follow.  In a positive mind the mist is a gift to acknowledge.  A gift of time to open your mind to all that hides in the mist.


“As I stood and watched the mist slowly rising this morning, I wondered what view was more beautiful than this.”

            ~ Hal Borland


Written by:  Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Image Copyright:  CCO, www.rawpixel.com

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