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BMG Introduces Placement Student, Eileen Lam


Barnes Management Group (BMG) is pleased to have four graduate students starting a placement with us this September. In this profile piece, we would like to introduce you to our fourth student, Eileen Lam. 

Eileen has over a decade of experience in clinical research project management. Her passion for physical and mental health integration has led her to focus on the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. Currently, Eileen is a member of the Neuropsychiatry team at the University Health Network in Toronto, working closely with leading clinician-scientists to study the use of neurostimulation in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, as well as the genetic biomarkers of eating disorders. Through her work, Eileen has recognized the importance of evidence-based healthcare design, and its implications on theory, practice, and outcome. She has developed a keen interest in bioethics and is highly committed to removing systemic barriers to healthcare and battling the stigma of mental illness.

Eileen completed her Bachelor of Physical Health and Education at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education of the University of Toronto, and later obtained her Bachelor of Education at OISE/UT, gaining experience in the education sector as a teacher and community coach. She is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work at the University of Windsor, and aspires to apply her skills and knowledge to impact change in our evolving society.

Story Contributor: Fernando Tomas Saldanha
Managing Director, Barnes Management Group.

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