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BMG Introduces Placement Student, Joanne Riley


Barnes Management Group (BMG) is pleased to have four graduate students starting a placement with us this September. In her own words, we would like to introduce you to our third student, Joanne Riley.

What inspired me to get into Social Work?

I was drawn to Social Work and particularly social policy because of the many individuals who are affected by the decisions that are made within the government. There are many vulnerable populations that do not have the ability to speak for themselves, so my goal is to advocate for their voices to be heard.

During my practicum at Barnes Management Group (BMG), I hope to gain a better understanding of how social and governmental policy works and how to communicate effectively with the major players so that decision-makers are moved to shift the ways in which they interact with the populations that they serve.

Growing up, my dream was to become a District Attorney. I gave up when I saw how much research was required with law and that most of your time is spent out of court. Television shows never show the reality of what really happens.


Welcome, Joanne!

Story Contributor: Fernando Tomas Saldanha
Managing Director, Barnes Management Group.


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