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“We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”

            ~ Brené Brown


“We need to remind ourselves of the beauty of human connection and of nature and pull ourselves out of devices for a moment and appreciate what it is just to be human beings.”

            ~ Olivia Wilde


“You have to make a space in your heart, in your mind and in your life itself for authentic human connection.”

            ~ Marianne Williamson


“Human connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story.”

            ~ Jean Houston


Human connection is critical to life!  Strong ties to family, friends and community contribute to over-all well-being.  Connections look different for everyone, regardless of those differences, the power of connection is what binds us together and contributes to a sense of belonging.  The pandemic was a time when being alone became the norm and human connections were nonexistent or often virtual instead of a physical and emotional interaction.  That aloneness highlighted the human need for connection and its power to improve health and well-being, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

Be grateful for your connections and be aware that not everyone has the same ability to find and experience human connection.  Do your part to accept and create connections that nurture the human need to feel a sense of belonging.


Written by:  Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Image Copyright:  CCO, www.rawpixel.com

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