Barnes Management Group (BMG) is pleased to welcome Sarah Katz who is completing her Student Placement with us for the next several weeks. Sarah is currently in her foundational year of her Master of Social Work at the University of Windsor.

Motivated by her experiences working with refugee communities, indigenous youth and other marginalized communities, and her academic psychology research on direct and intergenerational traumas, Sarah’s goal is to work on the macro-level of policy-making and creative group programming to build communities’ civic engagement.

Sarah brings to BMG a wide range of skills including: Research (Honours Thesis at York U), Written and Verbal Communication (Canadian Language Museum), and Program Design and Coordination experience (JIAS – Jewish Immigrant Aid Services). Sarah is bilingual in French and English.

In her current role as the Mental Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator at JIAS Toronto, Sarah designs and coordinates programs for clients’ well-being. She is currently organizing a support group for Afghan refugees. Although she has worn many hats at JIAS – including a secondment as a housing worker for Ukrainian refugees – Sarah’s current role has allowed her to observe, partner with and plan for the needs for a marginalized refugee community.

When asked to comment on what attracted Sarah to completing her placement at BMG, Sarah recently stated, “Most of my social service experience has to do with organizing programs for clients. BMG interests me because of the research work it is doing with Indigenous child welfare systems, and affiliate projects in Re:Think are doing to support refugees connecting with communities”. She added, “BMG seems like a friendly and professional work environment where its team members are both focused on the issues, and open to taking new and creative approaches.”

When not busy with all her professional responsibilities, Sarah likes to cuddle her cat Pumpkin, to paint and do pastel work…and fun fact, Sarah has dabbled in stand-up comedy.  Welcome to the BMG team, Sarah!


Submitted by Fernando Saldanha, Managing Director, BMG


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