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Yarith Ker

Operation Support, Finance, Project Management, and Technology

Yarith’s professional mission involves bringing together business management principles and innovative solutions and applying these to the complex social issues and constraints of the public and private sector environments.

He is passionate about applying socioeconomic analyses and data towards bettering social service systems such as healthcare and child services.

While working on his own, Yarith adopts a very organized and practical approach to his projects. He prides himself on being a highly efficient individual and finds it incredibly fulfilling to see the completed end-result after months of hard work.

Yarith finds working collectively to be especially fruitful when it comes to advocating, supporting and inspiring both colleagues and our clients as well.

He considers himself a life-long learner who has always taken the initiative for professional growth, constantly continuing to do so by seeking spaces that encourage development and improvement.

Along with his colleague, Stuart Barnes, Yarith provides strong and professional administrative and research support to the BMG Leadership Team and Associates.