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Open Space (Technology) In Facilitation

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For the skeptics and type A personalities, Open Space (Technology) seems an impossible fluff process.  But when all is said and done, the process of Open Space (Technology) leaves the nay sayers speechless indeed.

A day discussion for City of Toronto

Recently, Barnes Management Group (BMG) facilitated a day of discussion and collegial banter for the City of Toronto, City Planner Divisions.   The day brought together approximately 350 Toronto City Planners to seriously discuss ‘how do we build a better city.’  The city planning staff were asked to consider the issues/concerns/challenges/opportunities that they face on a daily basis as they work to build a better city.  They were asked what are the discussions they want to have.   This was their opportunity to gather together.

David Barnes says ‘when people are able to spend time with like minded people discussing something they are passionate about, the conversation can go very deep, meaningful insights surface and solutions to complex problems can occur.’

As a by-stander, I clearly felt the energy in the room.  People, including me, where struggling with organizing and collecting their thoughts.  But with a magically trust they began to find themselves in deep conversation with everyone and anyone who they knew or had never met before.  And I found myself mesmerized by the groups willingness to go with the flow.

Written by Deborah Lavender, Senior Consultant at Barnes Management Group

David further states, ‘whoever shows up, whatever topics emerge, they are the right people and the right discussions.’

David taught us all that by being present, by holding the space for others and allowing the magic of open space (Technology) to evolve ‘we can all be prepared to be surprised.’

So if you are prepared to be surprised and you have a complex problem and no obvious solutions you will want BMG to bring Open Space (Technology) to your space and make you a believer.

To learn more about Open Space (Technology): http://openspaceworld.org/wp2/

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