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Try Something New!


“Learn something new.  Try something different.  Convince yourself that you have no limits.”

            ~ Brian Tracy


“Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”

          ~ Robert Tew


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

          ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


“You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.”

          ~ Nate Berkus


Trying something new means pushing yourself, pushing your own inspiration, pushing yourself to experience new and harder challenges to do bigger and better things.  It means to live life and increase your self-confidence while opening doors of enlightenment!  Trying new things is about staying curious!  Curiosity can enhance your memory, mood and motivation while leading you down new paths.  New experience teaches us about ourselves and our abilities.  When we try new things, we learn what matters in life and what matters to our own life!

Try something new, accept yourself and acknowledge your curiosity.


Written by:  Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Image Copyright:  CCO, www.rawpixel.com

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