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You win some, you lose some!


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

~ Vince Lombardi


Win or lose, I’ll feel good about myself. That’s what is important.

~ Mary Docter


Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

~ John Maxwell


A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.

~ Pat Riley


An Aside: How about the Ottawa Red Black football team!  Yay Team!   I just wouldn’t be a valley girl if I didn’t cheer on the home team! It was a great game.   Win or Lose!

In all aspects of life, we win some and we lose some! Don’t we? However, I believe we can shift our thinking and see that it can be most helpful to reframe win/lose to win/learn! We don’t always choose to lose but we can choose to learn.  It happens in relationships, school, work, play, and life in general!  I recognize that not all win/lose are neat and tidy and that more often than not life is influenced or affected by internal and external factors. I often think ‘it is hard to get it ALL going at once’ and some of my win/lose was often out of my control but not because I didn’t try!  But learning was never out of my control because it was possible by my attitude!

Attitude is the reason, when we have done our best, that the stars align and a win or lose can also be an opportunity. A teaching or a learning opportunity. And that kind of opportunity makes a champion no matter what!

At BMG, in the consulting business, win or lose happens everyday! And there is a cascade of events either way. When we win a bid the winning team kicks in and that specific project begins. And on the outside of the winning bid the bigger team continues to respond to new rfp’s.  And when we lose the BMG team will always ask for a critical response and we learn from that response.

We strive to feel good about the work we do regardless of outcome. It is not the outcome that motivates the drive to do the work. Giving back to our own communities and to communities across all sectors drives the passion of BMG.   Win or Lose, the BMG see the positive learning in either response. I suggest, to each and everyone of us, to take a look at the win and lose in our own lives and see the teachings and recognize the silver in every lining!

Written by Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Photo Copyright: sibgat, 123rf


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