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Change is Possible!


“Change starts in your thoughts.”

~ Unknown


“Transformation is often more about unlearning then learning.”

~ Richard Rohr


“All it takes is the desire to change. The determination to start and the dedication to continue.”

~ Ben Timmis


Summer was a long time coming, but it is here and once again I am on the shores of the Rideau.   And once again I am grateful for the support from BMG to carry on my musings from the lake side. Thank You David!

As I prepared to make the trip east and settle into life at the cottage, I began to relate this journey to transformation. The change for me this year started in my thoughts! Last year I did not have the openness to transform. But this year I came with curiosity and a willingness to fit into the present and appreciate the learnings that the opportunity will present.

Its not easy to give up my comforts of home … I have to admit I brought a few with me but I also left room for new comforts. I have the desire for this year’s cottage adventure to be a new path that leads the way to personal transformation!   The important thing to realize is that I am not changed, I am the same person and I bring the same values to the adventure but what has shifted is my openness to the change.

In our work places, it is openness to curiosity that will lead a transformation. And that transformation will reflect you and your values. In todays transformation, it is possible to inter-connect values and the strengths of the past and the future.

As the sunsets on a beautiful summer day here on the Rideau, the sunset cruises of the pontoon boats and the roaster tail of the jet boats meander together and are in fact co-existing in the newly transformed last boat run of a summers day.

Stay tuned for more transformation from the shores of the Rideau Lake!


Written by Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Photo Copyright: Veronika Golovko, 123rf


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