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Technology ~ a Vital Part of BMG

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The human spirit must prevail over technology.

~ Albert Einstein


The whole idea is not about the choice between using or not using technology. The challenge is to use it right.

~ Unknown


Technology is important to BMG.   Most importantly, BMG is providing technology services to our clients and making sure you get the best expert knowledge to address your needs.  Nonetheless, BMG wants to assure you that people and relationships are first and foremost in our work.   Additionally, in order to model and mentor technology in our changing world we are committed to our own technology for the firm.

The BMG Website, Twitter, Facebook and a Blog are essential to our communication with you.  Social Media development is current and critical.  These tools reach out in real time.   Our website is communicating our services, Twitter and Facebook are interacting with community partners and relevant issues to the firm and our Blog entertains you and transfers knowledge.

Not only is Ugur Poyraz (our technology Associate) the lead on our technology services to you, he is a lead partner for our internal technology within the firm.   Yarith Ker, Management Consultant at BMG compliments Ugur’s expertise and leads technology development internally at BMG.  Fernando Saldanha, Managing Director over sees the policy development for the use of technology at BMG.

Fernando states “FaceBook is an effective social media communication tool that allows us to easily, quickly and in a timely manner, communicate with our fellow associate consultants and our clients. Our FaceBook page allows us to stay connected to our broader community, to share news and happenings at Barnes Management Group and to stay on top of the social issues affecting the areas of practice we focus on. It is an important tool in our toolbox of effective communication strategies and practices.”

Yarith says “by supporting BMG to connect, learn, and share with communities, locally and globally, our social media platform, such as twitter, permits us to interact in a way that is just-in-time.  Such connection with a shared value has a collective impact. We embrace and keep up with technology as part of our dynamic tools that allow BMG to communicate, reach, and deliver our collective voices faster. We are able to gather data & information from our social media platform to analyze and forecast the future. Fundamentally, it helps us exchange perspectives with the world and to understand the global environment in a very simple form.”

David Barnes confirms that “BMG is committed to building a network of inter-connected, passionate people who share our values to support organizations, communities and government.   We need to constantly keep sharing ideas and learning from others as we not only build a vibrant BMG, but also contribute to the communities we serve.  Social Media will help us achieve that vision.  Connected together, we will make a difference.”

Written by Deborah Lavender, BMG Senior Consultant

Photo Copyright: Sergey Nivens, 123RF

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