To be the best at what we do AND to make a difference.

Barnes Management Group (BMG) offers a breadth and depth of knowledge and resources positioning our team to excel in meeting client service needs in the following areas:

  • Children, Community and Social Services
  • Aboriginal Community
  • Public Sector
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Human Resources


BMG is more than a traditional consulting firm: we have a passion for assisting our clients to achieve their goals.  We do this through a process of collaboration, engagement, and knowledge transfer. We are committed to the principles of social development and building stronger communities.


BMG’s unique group of skilled and experienced professionals provide tools and processes to navigate through complex challenges and arrive at solutions for successful and sustainable outcomes.

  • With a wealth of experience working in the public and not-for-profit sectors, our team of consultants offers their deep understanding and expertise to organizations.
  • With a collaborative community-based approach, we will work with you to ensure you have access to fresh ideas, creative thinking, and leading-edge research that you require to better position your organization.


BMG works with communities and organizations to find solutions to challenges that hinder growth, capacity development and sustainable positive change. Where possible, BMG pursues initiatives that can motivate and enlighten organizations from within.

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Our BMG Team

Our team has extensive experience s in the following areas:

  • Board governance, strategic planning and business Planning
  • Organizational review, Organizational design, and change Management
  • Economic development planning and capacity building
  • Literature Reviews, stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Policy research, analysis, development, and advice
  • Program development, implementation and evaluation
  • Aboriginal and inter-governmental relations
  • Executive recruitment, leadership development and coaching
  • Funding models, financing strategies, and revenue planning
  • Facilities management in all 11 core competencies
  • Financial and treasury management and balanced budget
  • Integrated financial system design
  • Management information system
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Customized education offerings and grant and proposal writing
  • Demographics and key informant research
  • Crisis communications Planning, event planning and marketing
  • Government liaison, project management, environmental scan

Our Story

Barnes Management Group (BMG) has a unique way of doing business. But the BMG vision didn’t just happen. In fact, it’s supported by a collaborative approach that began taking shape when David Barnes, founder, started as a social worker with a career that spanned 25 years working in child welfare. “I worked with organizations that needed to support child welfare, and I always started with one question: How can I make the lives of children – and their families – better?”

Bringing people together

Throughout the years, David realized that he was most effective when he was able to bring people together, connecting the families with services to find out how to best support them. “I realized very early on that no one has all the answers, and I started to think, ‘We need to bring people together to get the families the best services possible’,” he says. In 1998, when David moved on to Homes First, a Toronto agency, providing affordable, permanent housing and transitional support for the homeless or those who have few options, he realized that people working with such a commitment and passion to helping other people could make a big difference – together.

Like-hearted people, people who share the same values, people who are able to work collaboratively in a structure that values everyone’s expertise – that’s the cornerstone of BMG. “I wanted people who share these values and can work together,” says David. “I didn’t have a clear business model because I wanted to see where all of this could take us.” So the business model is evolving, with BMG as the catalyst, bringing organizations together to build partnerships and find innovative ways to improve outcomes and find efficiencies. In addition, BMG puts the emphasis on relationships to work with organizations to find solutions that work for them. And for David, what has emerged is the realization that the social sectors need something different from a traditional consulting firm approach.